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Safety Audits Do you want to know about the identification & control of ignition sources in areas where flammable chemicals are stored / handled / transferred? - to review chemical compatibility in storage areas and to know the appropriate fire control measures, - to review electrical hazards which are potential of fire, - to review the fire detection measures adopted in the plant & suitable improvement measures, - to review the various active and passive fire protection equipments (fire hydrant, sprinkler, portable fire extinguishers) for chemical storage and handling areas, - to review the existing fire alarm system and emergency fire system. If yes, Smartedge can help you in performing Safety Audit as per IS 14489 to resolve all the above issues. What Smartedge can do ? Assesses the current level of prevention, protection and emergency preparedness, Prepares an action plan to upgrade safety inputs to avert mishaps and limit consequences, Carries out a systematic, critical appraisal of all potential hazards guides to meet the legal requirements of health and safety management systems, Methodolgy Collection of information, analysis of data, making a schedule, site study, Identification of the activities that can lead to major fires and explosions. For enquiries, visit link below,
  • 2018-04-26T10:18:52

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